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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review of iPhone 5 unlocking sites

In this post i will try to review the upcoming iphone 5 unlocking sites. There are hundreds of sites already promising that they will unlock your iPhone 5 for a small membership fee. The question is : Will they do it ? That's why i want to have a look on this niche sites and i will make a review for every single site i see. Hopefully , i will help you choose the best iphone 5 unlocking site and you will be able to avoid any eventual scam.
I will try to see the experience of a normal iPhone customer. I will purchase a normal membership on their sites and review it for you. I will act like i don't know a thing about iPhone unlocking industry, and will review their support team.
iPhone unlocking sites - Do they care about their customers?
Ok , so you bought a membership. Now you will want to unlock your iPhone even if its 3G,4,4S or even 5 when it will be released. After they take your money the process should be automated. You will receive an e-mail where you will find a link to the software and to the guide. What happens if you get stuck? You probably do not want to learn any insights of the iPhone unlocking and you don't know how to fix it. Will they answer and try to help you more , or they will ignore you as they have already taken your money.
That's the best thing i should look into. Because every site is offering an unlocking solution, but in my opinion the support weights more. Lots of iPhone users who want to unlock their iphones ... they are not so skilled at technology. So they want to unlock it fast and easy, but probably they will encounter some problems. There should come the support from the site which will guide them further more in the process of succesfully unlockign the brand new iPhone 5.
This is a short intro . I will digg and present you the top ranking sites in the iPhone 5 unlocking solution business.

Meanwhile you can check iphone 4s contest and a iphone 4s unlocking guide

iphone unlocking has never been so easy this days. With so many iOS updates, we have to be up to date with all technical knowledge.
Bear with us and let us guide you through the best unlocking sites !


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