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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

App Store: Satisfaction guaranteed

"Satisfaction guaranteed!“. Be aware that this is an urban legend because the law does not oblige! When no law prohibited from doing anything, it is allowed. Try to find the law that prohibits a dealer to deny you a refund. Obviously such a law does not exist. Unless otherwise provided (gender display "money back"), a purchase is firm and once the payment was made. The seller then has no obligation to return the product sold, whether by you or refund. Of course, we do not consider this issue of the legislation on guarantees and other hidden defects.

"Article 1582 of the Civil Code - The sale is an agreement whereby one undertakes to deliver a thing, and the other to pay. It can be done by notaries or private proxy. "

Apple is no exception to this convention and does not undertake to officially reimburse buyers for a product purchased on its App Store. But an idea came to mind of iPhoneAddict. What is Apple's commitment against a purchase that does not work properly or does not match the description given in the data sheet?

Procedure built into iTunes, of requesting a refund of application, was tested by iPhoneAddict. For the record, this is the application "Codea" sold 5.99 euros on the application store. We have informed Apple that the product purchased did not fit the description of the product. You can read the following exchange messaging conversation between Apple and the customer.

February 25, 2012 - Request the client through the iTunes Mac

”From the description, this application was to create games without programming or small it is necessary to know and master the programming language embedded. Not being a programmer I do not use this application and I request the refund. Thank you. “

29/02/2012 Response to Apple

”Hello-My name is Laurent and I thank you first of all for taking the trouble to contact iTunes Store Support. I have just been informed of your message and I will do my best to try to resolve your problem.

- I understand you bought this application in error and you want a refund.
- After reviewing your file, we concluded that the involuntary return of your purchase of the article "Codea" was an appropriate exception to the general conditions of the App Store, which state that all sales are final.
- An amount of 5.99 EUR will be credited to the credit card on the invoice of your purchase in five to seven business days.
- Hoping to have met all your expectations, I wish you a great day and I remain at your disposal for any questions.”

The time between initial application and repayment on the account is 5 days (reimbursement is the 03.01.2012). Obviously we do with the acknowledgment of various letters and tracking information of the case from Apple.

We must admit and recognize the responsiveness, efficiency and courtesy of Apple. If any readers of iPhoneAddict also tested this procedure and hesitate to let his praise or if any disappointment.

Refund procedure:
If you purchased an application for which you want a refund, you can try, like us, the following procedure.

Launch the iTunes application,
Select the iTunes Store (left strip)
Click on your name and login (top right)
Slide the screen down to "Purchase History"
Click on "Display" to see a list of all applications purchased
Click the application you want a refund (early online)
Click Report a problem in the bottom of the screen
Choose one of five reasons why you want a refund
Comment on your application
Submit press ...

After this process, the Apple employees will consider your request and acknowledge it. It is highly likely, if your request is justified, it will be removed from the list of your purchase and you will get a refund.

Good luck.

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