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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

iTunes Rewind 2011: Apple lists the best applications of the Year

Apple offers once a year in the month of December, his own Oscar ceremony, named for the occasion "iTunes Rewind". This gathering concentrated music, movies, TV shows, applications, books and pod casts can be a focus throughout the year and get the best reward for some developers. What could be better: to lead to displayed. Each category listed above has its own ranking.

It's simple, for Apple, the application of the year is none other that Instagram [App Store Link - Free] on iPhone. This application that enriches your camera phone has established itself; the people on Twitter are using it more and more, failing to Twitpic or Yfrog. In terms of games iPhone, Apple opted for Tiny Wings [App Store Link - € 0.79]. In his time, the pioneer Angry Birds were (still) unleashed the crowds. Tiny Wings more or less has the same story. Addictive, it can not count the number of hours spent trying to improve his score. For the iPad, djay [App Store Link - € 7.99] and Day Against HD [App Store Link - € 2.39] are the victorious.

For other categories, British singer Adele has topped the list. Next series, Game of Thrones wins. The comedian Jamel Debbouze is awarded the Rewind the best one-man show with the show all about Jamel. The rest of the list is to be discovered via this address.

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